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Fruit turnovers

Ingredients puff pastry dough:
2.500 gr Puff pastry dough
Ingredients custard:
750 gr Water
300 gr Damco custard powder R
Ingredients filling:
2.000 gr Frucaps fruit filling of choice
Ingredients florentine mix:
600 gr Damco Florentine powder mix
250 gr Almond shavings







Roll out the puff pastry dough to a thickness of 2.2 mm (approx. 50 g per slice). Cut out square slices of 14x14 cm, or cut out circular slices with a round cookie cutter of approx. 14 cm Ø. In the middle of each slice, pipe approx. 20 g of the custard and then pipe approx. 40 g of your choice of Frucaps fruit filling
Moisten the edges of the puff pastry dough with water, fold the turnovers in half and press the edges well. Brush the top of the turnovers with water and press into the florentine mix. Let the turnovers rest for approx. 30 minutes before baking, for a more even baking character.

Fruit fillings:
Fill the turnovers with the various Frucaps fruit fillings from our range: apricot, apple, strawberry, raspberry, cherry, Black Forest fruits, banana, mango, pear, pineapple, lemon curd.

Baking time: ca. 25 min
Baking temp.: 215°C
Quantity: 50 pieces


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