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Cream-cinnamon rolls

Ingredients dough:
2.000 gr Flour 100%
400 gr Damco fruit bread powder with butter  20%
200 gr Damco fruitbread cream  10%
120 gr Yeast 6%
30 gr Salt 1.5%
ca. 1.200 gr Water  60%
Ingredients butter crumbs:
600 gr Flour
200 gr Damco custard powder Top R
20 gr Cinnamon
400 gr Water
400 gr Sugar
Ingredients custard:
1.400 gr Damco custard powder Top R
3.500 gr Water
Decoration: Damcosnow










Instructions for the dough:
Mix all ingredients and knead into a thoroughly kneaded dough, with a temperature of 26°C. Weigh the dough to 60 g and immediately shape into balls. Place the balls of dough into an 8 cm Ø fluted baking tray.
Proof the dough for 80-90 minutes and then sprinkle 25 g butter crumbs over each bread roll. Remove the rolls from the baking tray immediately after baking. After cooling, cut the rolls and fill with 75 g of custard. If desired, cover with Damcosnow

Baking time: ca. 10-12 min
Baking temp.: ca. 240°C
Quantity: 65 pieces 


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