Royal Steensma's choco-coatings are highly suitable for refrigerated or frozen products. They remain flexible so they don't break away from your product. After thawing, no condensation is formed on the coating. The choco-coating are available in a number of colours and flavours, are easy to process and taste great! 

  • Versatile product: Can be used to spray, dip, in a ganache, cream or mirror glaze
  • No condensation is formed after thawing
  • Easy to use, just melt in a microwave or au bain marie
Available in the following colors/flavors:
- Dark - Limoncello
- Light - Eggnogg
- White - Caramel
- Banana - Hazelnut
- Strawberry - Pistachio
- Orange - Cherry
Weight per sachet 100 gram
Amount of sachets per tray 10 pieces
Weight per tray 1.000 gram
Amount of trays per pallet 204 trays
Amount of sachets per pallet 2.040 pieces










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