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Whole grain bread

Ingredients dough:
10.000 gr Wholemeal flour 100%
400 gr Damco mix for dark bread 4%
150 gr Salt  1.5%
200 gr Yeast 2%
ca. 6.400 gr Water 64%




Mix all the ingredients and knead into a thoroughly kneaded dough. Desired dough temperature is 27°C
Weigh the dough into 480 g pieces. Shape and proof for 60 minutes. Prepare the dough as a loaf. Place the breads on a baking tray.
Proof the loaves for 75 minutes and cut 7 grooves into them (fish bone pattern). Bake at 250°C and lower to 220°C during baking.

Baking time: ca. 35 min
Baking temp.: 220°C with steam
Quantity: 35 pieces


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