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Whipped cream gateau

Ingredients sponge cake:
1.000 gr Damco moscovic
800 gr Whole egg
50 gr Water
25 gr Lemon raspel



Instructions for the sponge cake:
Mix Damco moscovic, whole egg, water and Lemon raspel at the highest speed for 10 minutes. Then fill the greased cake tins or baking trays.

Tip: For a more regular structure, mix the batter on the lowest setting for 1-2 minutes after mixing.  

Ingredients crème Suisse:
200 gr Damco custard powder Top R
500 gr water
700 gr Cream (35% fat) 



Instructions for the crème Suisse:
Mix Damco custard powder Top R and water at the highest speed for 3 minutes, then fold in the whipped cream (make sure the whipped cream isn’t too stiff)

Other ingredients:
3.000 gr Whipped cream, thickly beaten
500 gr Frucaps strawberry fruit filling



Putting it all together: 
Cut the cooled sponge cakes into 3 equal pieces. Pipe buttons of thick whipped cream at the edges, use the Crème Suisse for the middle and cover with the 2nd sponge cake. Pipe buttons of thick whipped cream at the edges of the 2nd cake layer and use Frucaps strawberry fruit filling for the middle. Finally, cover with the last sponge cake layer. On the top sponge layer, pipe thick whipped cream around the edge again and finish the middle with fresh fruit. 

Baking time: ca. 20 min
Baking temp.: ca. 180°C
Quantity: 4 pieces 


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