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Tropical velvet cake

Ingredients sponge cake:
1.000 gr Damco sponge cake mix royal
900 gr Whole egg
100 gr Water
Ingredients short crust:
1.100 gr Damco croûte powder
480 gr Butter, at room temperature 
120 gr Water
Ingredients filling:
1.000 gr Water, cold
200 gr Damco custard powder top R
2.500 gr Frucaps mango fruit filling
3.750 gr Whipped cream, sweetened
200 gr Frucaps strawberry fruit filling
Other ingredients:
1.000 gr Chocuise souplesse pistacchio
100 gr Whipped cream, sweetened










Instructions sponge cake:
Whisk egg, water and Damco sponge cake mix royale light and airy in the fastest gear for 10-12 minutes, pour the batter into a 14 cm ø cake tin and bake. Once cooled, cut sponge cake in 4 thin slices.

Instructions short crust:
Mix butter and Damco croûte powder, followed by adding water in order to create a smooth dough. As soon as your dough is smooth, stop mixing and leave dough to chill. Once chilled, roll dough to 2 mm thickness, cut into 16 cm ø circles and bake.

Mix cold water and Damco custard powder top R thoroughly. Puree Frucaps mango fruit filling until smooth and add to custard. Fold in the whipped cream, in 2 parts (make sure the whipped cream isn’t too stiff).
Coat the short crust with Chocuise souplesse dark, using a brush, and place into a stainless steel ring. Place a slice of sponge cake onto the short crust and pipe a spiral of Frucaps strawberry fruit filling on top of it, followed by a layer of Bavarian mango cream. Place another slice of sponge cake, followed by a spiral of Frucaps strawberry fruit filling and mango cream. 
Using a palet knife, smooth out the top of the cake and place in freezer for 24 hours. 
Once frozen, take out of the mold and cover with a 1,5 mm layer of Damco marzipan and return to freezer.
Melt Chocuise souplesse pistacchio to 45°C and dilute with vegetable oil. Spray onto cake to create a velvety finish and decorate to your own taste.

Baking time: 25-30 minutes for sponge cake - 12 minutes for short crust
Baking temp.: 190°C for sponge cake - 180°C for short crust
Quantity: 25 pieces


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