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Raspberry Brownie Pastry

1.100 g Damco browniemix
460 g Water
130 g Butter, melted
1.400 g Butter
400 g Damco Top R
1.000 g Water, cold
100 g Chocuise souplesse pure, melted
Frucaps raspberry filling
Chocolate decoration available through Vipam International








Instructions for brownie:
Mix all ingredients in a bowl into a homogeneous batter. Pour the batter into a 60x20x5cm tray and bake.

Instructions for cream:
Whisk the water and Damco Top R into a smooth cream. Soften the butter with a paddle attachment in the lowest gear. Then add the cream. (Warm the bowl with a burner a little if the cream is too stiff.) Mix the cream on the lowest gear for 45 minutes. Divide the cream into two parts and mix one part of it into the Chocuise souplesse pure.

Place a layer of Frucaps raspberry filling on the 0.5 cm thick baked brownie base. Then apply a 1.5 cm thick layer of the vanilla cream on top. Place this in the freezer for 12 hours. Remove from the plate, cut the edges off (as little as possible) and cut the cake into 9x3cm pieces. Using a fork, dip the pastries through the Chocuise souplesse pure. Place chocolate cream on the pastry and finish as desired.

Baking time: 30 min
Baking temp: 170°C
Quantity: 40 pieces


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