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Meringue Cake

Ingredients short crust:
1.000 g Damco croûte powder
500 g Butter
20 g Lemon zest
Ingredients chocolate cake:
2.000 g Damco dark chocolate cake
1.000 g Butter
1.000 g Whole egg
100 g Water





Short crust: Mix Damco croûte powder, lemon zest and butter with a dough hook. When it gets crumbly, add the water. Once the dough is formed, stop the machine, and refrigerate the dough for 24 hours. Knead the dough briskly, roll it out to 2 mm and cut out circles with a ring of 18 cm ø.
Cake: Make the butter smooth (not fluffy) with a paddle attachment. Add the rest of the ingredients and mix everything untill smooth for about 2 minutes in the 2nd gear. Put 1.5 cm of cake batter onto the short crust with a piping bag and bake until the cake is just ready. Allow the rings to cool off, remove the rings and replace with clean rings.

Baking time: 50 min
Baking temp.: 160°C

Ingredients meringue:
1.000 g Egg white
1.000 g Sugar
500 g Powdered sugar
    Arlico orange



Instructions meringue:
Beat the egg white and sugar for 10 minutes to a tough foam. Finally add in the powdered sugar. Color half of the foam with the Arlico orange. Make little drops with various piping bag attachments and dry them in the oven.

Drying time: 3 hours
Baking temp.: 90°C

Ingredients mango bavarois:
2.000 g Frucaps mango fruit filling
2.000 g Whipped cream, unsweetened


Instructions mango bavarois:
Mix the Frupcaps mango fruit filling with the whipped cream. Place plastic strips in the rings so that the cake can be removed easily after freezing. Fill the rings with the bavarois with a piping bag and smooth it out. Place the rings in the freezer and let it harden for at least 2 hours. Take out the cakes and finish with the meringue. Decorate with chocolate circles in different colors.

Quantity: 10 pieces


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