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Strawberry Pastry

500 g Bak Speciaal Easybreak Nuts
Bavaroise cream:
1.250 g Whipped cream, unsweetened
1.250 g Frucaps strawberry filling
90 g Damco multibavaroise
200 g Water, 30°C
Strawberry mirror:
500 g Cream, unsweetened
500 g Chocuise souplesse strawberry
500 g Frucaps cold mirror glaze neutral
15 g Gelatin, sheets
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Instructions for the base:
Sprinkle the Bak Speciaal Easybreak Nuts on a baking tray of 60x20 cm. Dampen everything slightly, using a water spray bottle and bake. Cut into the desired shape and size immediately after baking. Cover the base with Cabostuif.

Instructions for the bavaroise cream:
Stir Damco multibavaroise into the water. Then mix this through the Frucaps strawberry fruit filling. Next, mix in half of the whipped cream. Then add the other half of the whipped cream. Fill the tray and put the pastries in the freezer for 8 hours.

Bring cream to the boil and add it to the melted Chocuise souplesse strawberry. Continue to stirr it becomes homogeneous. Then add the soaked gelatin and mix to a smooth mass. Finally, add the Frucaps cold mirror glaze neutral and mix again until smooth. Carefully remove the pastries from the mold and place them on a rack. Pour the strawberry-mirror over the pastries and carefully place them onto the crispy base. Then finish as desired.

Baking time: 10 min
Baking temp: 200°C
Quantity: 36 pieces


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