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Ingredients sponge cake:
1.000 gr Damco moscovic
800 gr Whole egg
50 gr Water
25 gr Lemon raspel



Instructions for sponge cake:  
Mix Damco moscovic, whole egg, water and Lemon raspel at the highest speed for 10 minutes. Pour the batter onto a baking tray lined with baking paper. Spread it out into a rectangle about 1 to 2 cm thick and bake.

Ingredients butter cream:
400 gr Pomokrem
1.000 gr Butter



Instructions for the butter cream:
Mix the butter using the paddle attachment until it is creamy. Replace the paddle for the whisk and mix the cream at the 3rd speed for 20 minutes until it is light and airy. Add Pomokrem. As soon as it is well mixed, stop the machine.

2.000 gr Damco almond marzipan 1:1,5
500 gr Frucaps raspberry jam
1.000 gr Chocuise souplesse dark



Putting it all together:
Roll out Damco almond marzipan 1:1.5 until it is 2 mm thick and then cut into 9 cm strips. Place this at the bottom of a pyramid mold, pipe butter cream in and then Frucaps raspberry jam in the centre. Fill up with butter cream until just below the edge of the marzipan, cover with the sponge cake and freeze for at least 6 hours. Remove from tin and cut to size. Dip the ends neatly into the melted Chocuise souplesse dark


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