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Pear-ginger-honey pastry

Ingredients Dough:    
1.200 g Damco complete kanopowder
475 g Butter
125 g Caster sugar
30 g Whole egg
60 g Water

Instructions dough:
Mix the butter, sugar and Damco complete kanopowder, then add water. Once the dough has formed, stop the machine and place the dough in the cooler.

Ingredients Filling:    
300 g Damco almondpaste K+K
300 g Frucaps cinnamon pear filling
60 g Chopped ginger

Instructions filling:
Mince the ginger, then mix up the rest of the ingredients with a flat beater. 

Ingredients Whipped cream:    
600 g Cream, unsweetened
600 g Honey

Instructions whipped cream:
Whip the cream and honey to a thick whipped cream.

Roll out the dough to 2,5 mm and cut out a circle of 10 cm Ø.
Shape the dough into a ring of 7 cm Ø, fill it up with 40 grams of filling using a piping bag and bake.

After the pastries have cooled down, decorate it with the honey cream, Victoria almond batter and sprinkle on some Damcosnow.

Baking temp.: ca. 190°C
Baking time: ca. 25 minutes
Quantity: 16 pieces



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