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Orange choux

Ingredients choux:
1.500 gr Damco choux mix
1.500 gr Water, at 20°C
2.100 gr Whole egg Cream
1.000 gr Chocuise souplesse orange
3.000 gr Whipping cream, unsweetened
Other ingredients:
Chocuise souplesse dark





Place Damco choux mix in a bowl and, while mixing with a flat whisk, add the egg in 3 parts, followed by the water (also in 3 parts). Mix for 1 minute in the first gear and proceed in the third gear for another 4-6 minutes, until a smooth dough is formed. With a piping bag, form circles of approx. 8 cm ø and bake.
Melt Chocuise souplesse orange and heat whipping cream. Slowly add cream to Chocuise souplesse orange, mixing it continuously. Let it rest for one night in the fridge and whisk it through before filling your choux. 
Melt Chocuise souplesse orange and Chocuise souplesse dark. Pour Chocuise souplesse orange onto cold surface. Using 2 cutters, create a ring-shaped decoration and place on choux. Finish by creating swirls with Chocuise souplesse dark.

Baking time: 25-30 min
Baking temp.: 220°C 
Quantity: 100 pieces


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