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Nut traybake

Ingredients for dough:
1.200 gr Damco complete kano powder
475 gr Butter
125 gr Crystal sugar
30 gr Whole egg
60 gr Water




Mix butter, sugar, egg and water to a creamy, lump-free mixture and then add Damco complete kano powder. When the dough has formed, stop the machine and allow the dough to chill for 12 hours.

Ingredients for filling:
500 gr Damco hazelnut filling
350 gr Water
150 gr Damco Top R custard powder



Mix the water and Damco Top R custard powder and add this mixture in 3 parts to the Damco hazelnut filling to create a lump-free mass.

Ingredients for cake:
1.725 gr Damco cakemix warm method
600 gr Butter, 40°C
750 gr Whole egg
150 gr Water
80 gr Lemon raspel ZKZC
Frucaps caramel filling
Mixed nuts





Mix Damco cakemix warm method, Lemon raspel ZKZC, egg and water for 2 minutes on 2nd speed. Add melted butter and mix 2 minutes on 1st speed.
Knead the dough again, roll out at 2 mm thickness and place in a frame of 60/40. Put the filling on the dough and finally pipe the cake mixture on top of the filling. Pipe lines of Frucaps caramel filling on top of that and sprinkle with Mixed Nuts.

Baking time: 25 mins
Baking temp.: 180°C
Quantity: 30 pieces


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