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Ingredients meringue:
500 gr Egg white
1.000 gr Caster sugar, extra fine
500 gr Damco almond broyage



Instructions for the meringue:
Beat the egg whites with half the sugar until light and airy. Fold the rest of the sugar and the Damco almond broyage through the meringue and pipe smooth circles of it onto baking paper, using 25 g of meringue. Bake/dry thoroughly in the oven.

Ingredients butter cream:
1.000 gr Butter
400 gr Damco custard powder Top R
1.000 gr Water
200 gr Pomokrem



Instructions for the butter cream:
Mix the water and Damco custard powder Top R into a smooth cream. Mix the butter until smooth and then add the custard in 4 stages. Leave the machine to run using the paddle at the 1st speed for 1 hour and then add the Pomokrem.

Other ingredients:
Decorella hazelnut

Putting it all together:
Pipe a rosette of butter cream onto a meringue and press another meringue onto it. Smooth the sides of the pastries with butter cream and roll them through the Decorella hazelnut. Finish to your own preference.

Baking time: ca. 75 min
Baking temp.: 110°C
Quantity: 80 pieces


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