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Mariken bread

2.000 gr Flour 100%
30 gr Salt 1.5%
300 gr Damco fruit loaf powder 15%
100 gr Damco paste bread improver 5%
160 gr Yeast 8%
ca. 1300 gr Water 65%
Filling 1:
2.000 gr Raisins 100%
1.000 gr Currents 50%
Filling 2:
1.700 gr Damco almond paste K+K
400 gr Damco complete R powder
1.000 gr Water
250 gr Cinnamon sugar
    Tangerine segments









Mix all the ingredients together and knead the dough well. Then, work the filling into the dough. Leave the dough to bulk ferment for 15 minutes and then divide into 200 g pieces and immediately shape into balls. Allow the balls to rest for 15 minutes, then roll out and place the bottom slice in the mould. Place 100 g Damco almond paste K+K, 75 g pastry cream, the tangerine segments and 25 g cinnamon sugar on top of the bottom slice. Then, place the top slice on top of that. Give this a second proving of 50 minutes and then bake. After cooling brush with butter.

Baking time: 30 mins
Baking temp.: 230°C
Quantity: 50 pieces 


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