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Limoncello pistachio pastries

Ingredients almond sponge:
1.400 gr Damco sponge cake mix extra fine
1.200 gr Whole egg
200 gr Water
400 gr Butter, melted
800 gr Damco almond broyage




Instructions for the almond sponge:
Mix Damco sponge cake mix extra fine with the egg and water. Mix at the highest speed for 12 minutes. Carefully fold in the melted butter and Damco almond broyage. Spread the batter onto baking paper and bake.

Ingredients pistachio butter cream:
2.000 gr Butter
1.000 gr Pomokrem
400 gr Chocuise souplesse pistacchio
Ingredients limoncello butter cream:
2.000 gr Butter
1.000 gr Pomokrem
400  gr Chocuise souplesse limoncello





Instructions for the butter cream:
Beat the soft butter with a wire whisk in the machine until it is light and airy. Finally, carefully stir in the Pomokrem and melted Souplesse.

Putting it all together:
Divide the two creams and the almond biscuit into layers. Finish off with light yellow-coloured marzipan. Cut the pastry into 5 x 10 cm pieces.

Baking time: 5 min
Baking temp.: 220°C
Quantity: 96 pieces


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