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Hazelnut caramel dome

Ingredients choux:
1.500 gr Damco choux mix
1.500 gr Water, at 20°C
2.100 gr Whole egg
300 gr Frucaps salted caramel
Ingredients hazelnut butter cream:
1.000 gr Butter, at room temperature
50 gr Water, cold
300 gr Damco custard powder top R
800 gr Chocuise souplesse hazelnut
Ingredients base:
2.400 gr Damco kano powder
950 gr Butter, at room temperature
250 gr Sugar
60 gr Whole egg
120 gr Water
Ingredients almond custard:
290 gr Damco almond paste
175 gr Damco custard powder top R
400 gr Water
Ingredients hazelnut mirror:
500 gr Whipping cream, unsweetened
500 gr Chocuise souplesse hazelnut
500 gr Frucaps cold mirror glaze neutral













Instructions choux:
Place Damco choux mix in a bowl and, while mixing with a flat whisk, add the egg in 3 parts, followed by the water (also in 3 parts). Mix it for 1 minute in the first gear and proceed in the third gear for another 4-6 minutes, untill a smooth dough is formed. Pipe 1,5 cm ø drops and bake. Once cooled, fill the choux with Frucaps salted caramel.

Instructions hazelnut butter cream:
Mix water and Damco custard powder top R for 5 minutes in the highest gear. Separately, whisk butter light and airy with a flat whisk for about 10 minutes. Once smooth, add the custard and warm it up  with a torch, in order to create a smooth butter cream. Mix for 20 minutes in the second gear and finally add the Chocuise souplesse hazelnut.

Mix butter, sugar, water and eggs until all the lumps have disolved, add Damco kano powder. Once your dough has set, stop the machine. Chill dough for 24 hours. Once chilled, roll dough to 4 mm thickness and cut 7 cm ø circles. Mix water and Damco custard powder top R until smooth, add it to Damco almond paste in 4 parts. Pipe a dollop of almond custard onto the dough circles and bake.

Fill a silicone mold, for up to 75%, with the hazelnut butter cream. Insert the filled choux. Press the base onto the butter cream and place into freezer, until completely frozen.

Instructions hazelnut mirror:
Cook cream, melt Chocuise souplesse hazelnut and mix together. Add Frucaps cold mirror glaze neutral and stir with a spatula until smooth. Dip the frozen domes in the hazelnut mirror and decorate.

Baking time: 25-30 minutes for choux - 30 minutes for base
Baking temp.: 220°C for choux - 190°C for base
Quantity: 60 pieces


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