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Fun cookies

1.200 g Damco complete kano powder
600 g Butter
125 g White caster sugar
30 g Whole egg
60 g Water
200 g Nut mix
200 g White chocolate chunks


Filling 1:    
200 g Frucaps lemoncurd
200 g White chocolate spread
Filling 2:    
200 g Frucaps strawberry filling
200 g White chocolate spread
Filling 3:    
200 g Frucaps raspberry filling

Instructions dough:
Soften the butter by mixing it with a dough hook. Add the Damco complete kano powder and the caster sugar and mix it together. Stop mixing once the dough is formed. Divide the dough in pieces of 80g and place them in baking rings of 5 cm Ø. Press lightly and bake.

Instructions filling:
After baking, immediately fill up the cookies with filling. Use about 40g of filling per cookie.Let the cookies cool down a little and then remove the rings. After removing the baking rings, continue to let the cookies cool down.

Decorate the cookies with different colors of Souplesse and sprinkles.

Baking temp.: ca. 220°C
Baking time: ca. 10 minuten
Quantity: 30 pieces


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