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Fruit of the forest flans

Ingredients cake base:
2.000 gr Damco kano powder
750 gr Butter
125 gr Whole egg
25 gr Water



Instructions for the base:
Place ingredients into the mixer, mix in thoroughly until a homogeneous mass. Once the dough has been formed, stop the machine. Allow the dough to rest overnight before processing.

Ingredients pastry cream:
800 gr Damco bakromix
2.000 gr Water



Instructions for the pastry cream:
Mix Damco bakromix and water at the 2nd speed for 3 minutes.

Other ingredients:
Frucaps ready-to-use neutral glaze

Putting it all together:
Roll out the dough until it is 2.5 mm thick, cut out the dough slices with a 6 cm Ø cookie cutter. Line the pie dishes with the dough. Pipe the pastry cream in and bake. 
After cooling the pastry, place fruit on top and dust with Damcosnow or cover with Frucaps ready-to-use neutral glaze.

Baking time: ca. 15-20 min
Baking temp.: ca. 185°C
Quantity: 40 pieces 


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