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Forest fruit bavarois cake

320 g Butter
640 g Damco almond broyage 50/50
6 g Salt
320 g Zeeland Flour
220 g Almond pieces

Instructions crumble: 
Mix the Damco almond broyage 50/50 and butter, then add salt, Zeeland flour and the almonds. Mix it to a crumbly dough. Place a 13 cm Ø ring with a height of 3 cm inside a 16 cm Ø ring with a height of 5 cm. Fill up the border with 200 grams of crumble and use 50 grams of crumble for the bottom, then bake. Remove the smaller ring immediately after baking. Leave the outer ring on until everything has fully cooled down.

Baking temp.: ca. 180°C
Baking time: ca. 12-15 minutes
Quantity: 6 pieces

Chocolate sponge:    
250 g Damco chocolade kapselmix
225 g Whole egg
25 g Water

Instructions chocolate sponge cake:
Put the egg, water and Damco chocolate sponge cake mix in the planetary mixer. Mix it until it is light and airy in the highest gear for 8-10 minutes using a wire whip. Give it a good stir for 2 more minutes in the lowest gear. Create thin sheets of batter and bake. 

Baking temp.: ca. 250°C
Baking time: ca. 6 minutes

800 g Frucaps forest fruit filling
800 g Whipped cream
80 g Damco multibavarois
80 g Water, 40°C

Instructions bavarois: 
Mix Damco multibavarois and water using a whisk. Mix it with de Frucaps forest fruit filling. Add half of the whipped cream and whisk it through. Then add the rest of the whipped cream using a spatula.

Mirror Glaze:    
250 g Frucaps mirror glaze neutral
250 g Frucaps forest fruit filling

Instructions mirror glaze:

Stir the Frucaps mirror glaze neutral and Frucaps forest fruit filling together. The mirror glaze is now ready for use.

300 g Souplesse pure

Place the crumble in a clean 16 cm Ø ring with a height of 5 cm. Cover the inside with Souplesse pure. Fill it up with 150g of bavarois and place a 12 cm Ø piece of chocolate sponge cake on top. Fill up the ring until it is completely full (ca. 250g).
Smooth out the top and place the rings in the freezer.
Decorate with the mirror glaze and fresh forest fruits.



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