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Eggnog caramel dessert

Ingredients eggnog bavarois:
180 g Damco Top R
400 g Water
120 g Eggnog
90 g Damco neutral mousse fond
200 g Water, lukewarm
600 g Whipped cream, unsweetened
10 g Frucaps salted caramel filling





Mix Damco Top R and water to a custard cream and then add the eggnog. Mix Damco neutral mousse fond with lukewarm water and stir it into the eggnog -custard . Then mix half of the whipped cream with a whisk and finally fold in the remaining half. Fill a flexipan baking mold to the brim with the eggnog bavarois and inject about 10g Frucaps salted caramel filling into the bavarois. Smooth the mat and place it in the freezer.

Ingredients base:
300 g Damco Florentine powder mix
150 g Damco almond flour


Mix Damco Florentine powder mix and Damco almond flour. Fill small, round aluminum foil pans with 15 g of this mixture and bake. When the Florentines have cooled, take them out and spray them completely with Cabostuif.

Chocuise souplesse eggnog

Putting it together:
Remove the frozen bavarois from the flexipan molds and place them on a rack. Spray them with Chocuise souplesse eggnog by using a Wagner or W&E paint sprayer. Place the sprayed pastries on the Florentine base and decorate as desired.

Baking time: approx. 10 min
Baking temp.: 180°C
Quantity: 30 pieces


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