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Croûte dough:    
550 g Damco complete croûtepowder
240 g Butter 
60 g Water

Instructions croûte dough:
Mix the butter and Damco complete croûtepowder, then add water. Once the dough has formed, stop the machine and place the dough in the cooler.

100 g Fine granulated sugar
25 g Patent flour
85 g Powdered sugar
85 g Almond Flour
200 g Cream, unsweetened and liquid
250 g Whole egg

Instructions filling:
Mix all the dry ingredients. Add the cream in two parts and add the egg to avoid clumps.

650 g Damco komplete kanopowder
250 g Butter

Instructions crumble:
Mix the Damco Complete Kanopowder and butter untill the crumble has formed.

1.000 g Frucaps forest fruit filling

Assembling clafoutis: 
Roll out the croûte dough to 2 mm and cut out a 15 cm Ø circle. Lay the circle in a ring on a bakingtray and cover the sides of the ring with a 2 cm strip of dough. Use a piping bag to put little drops of Frucaps forest fruit filling on the dough, to a total of 140 grams. Pour 100 grams of the liquid filling around the fruit drops. Sprinkle 70 grams of the crumble on top. Bake and immediately remove the ring after baking.

Baking temp.: ca. 190°C
Baking time: ca. 25 minutes
Quantity: 7 pieces


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