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Chocolate profiteroles

Ingredients profiterole batter:
1.000 gr Damco choux mix
1.150 gr Whole egg
1.000 gr Water, approx. 30°C



Instructions for the profiterole batter:  
Mix Damco choux mix with the egg and water in the mixer using a paddle attachment. Mix for approx. 5 minutes until a smooth mixture. Pipe the batter into neat buttons on a lightly greased baking tray, dusted with flour. Bake at 220°C (baking oven) or 200°C (rotary oven). Open the slide door after 10 minutes.

Ingredients filling:
3.500 gr Whipped cream, thickly beaten
Ingredients ganache:
1.500 gr Chocuise souplesse dark
600 gr Cream (35% fat), unsweetened
300 gr Confectioners glucose syrup
150 gr Butter, soft





Instructions for the ganache:
Bring the cream (35% fat) and Confectioners glucose syrup to the boil and mix it with the melted Chocuise souplesse dark. Then mix in the soft butter. Ensure the ganache is no warmer than 37°C before processing.

Putting it all together:
Fill the profiteroles with thick whipped cream and then dip them into the ganache.

Baking time: ca. 25 min
Baking temp.: ca. 200°C
Quantity: 50 pieces


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