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Chocolate orange Bundt cake

2.000 gr Flour 100%
400 gr Damco dough conditioner with butter 20%
200 gr Damco paste bread improver  10%
180 gr Cocoa powder 8%
200 gr Yeast 10%
40 gr Salt 2%
ca.1.300 gr Water  65
Ingredients filling:
900 gr Mixed Peel 4x4  45%
400 gr Baking chocolate drops 20%
800 gr Sugar nibs 40%







Mix all the ingredients together and knead the dough well. Carefully stir the filling into the dough and maintain a dough temperature of 26°C. Divide the dough into 800 g pieces. Shape into balls and allow to rise for 20 minutes. Shape into balls again, place them in the baking mould and allow the bread to rise for 90-100 minutes. Bake the bread at 190°C for 40 minutes until done.

Baking time: 40 mins
Baking temp.: 190°C
Quantity: 8 pieces


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