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Chipolata flan

Ingredients short crust:
2.400 gr Damco kano powder
950 gr Butter
200 gr Caster sugar
180 gr Whole egg
50 gr Lemon raspel
Ingredients almond paste mixed with custard:
500 gr Damco almond paste K+K
350 gr Water
150 gr Damco custard powder Top R





Instructions for the short crust:
Mix all the ingredients thoroughly in the machine until homogeneous. Once the dough has been formed, stop the machine and allow the dough to rest in the refrigerator for at least 12 hours. Mix the water and Damco custard powder Top R together, add the Damco almond paste K+K in 3 stages until a smooth mass is created. Re-knead the cake base dough and roll it out to a 5 mm thickness. Cut out and place in a 20 cm Ø pie dish. Then pipe the almond paste mixed with custard onto the base with a piping bag. Bake at approx. 180°C for approx. 30-35 minutes and allow to cool.

Ingredients filling:
2.000 gr Frucaps chipolata filling
2.000 gr Cream (35% fat), unsweetened



Instructions for the filling:
Mix the whipped cream and the Frucaps chipolata filling with a spatula.

Ingredients sponge cake:
1.000 gr Damco sponge cake mix extra fine
1.000 gr Whole egg
50 gr Lemon raspel



Instructions for the sponge cake:
Pour all the ingredients into a bowl and beat them on the highest setting for about 10 minutes until light and airy. Divide the batter between the 18 cm Ø baking tins and bake at 190°C for 25 minutes. 

Other ingredients    
Arlico rhum liquor    
Damco Almond marzipan 1:3 pink    



Putting it all together:
Place a thin sheet of sponge cake of about 1.5 cm thickness on the short crust and brush with Arlico rhum liquor. Pipe the chipolata filling on top of this and smooth it down. Roll Damco Almond marzipan 1:3 pink to a 1.2 mm thickness, cut out rings that are slightly smaller than the base and place them on top of the filling. Finish the flan to your own preference.

Note: The recommended almond paste used in this recipe is ready to use (indicated with K+K). You can also use a regular Damco almond paste, just add 5-7% whole egg.

Baking time: ca. 20 min
Baking temp.: 180°C
Quantity: 75 pieces


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