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Cherry dome

Ingredients choux:
1.500 gr Damco choux mix
1.500 gr Water, at 20°C
2.100 gr Whole egg
1.00 gr Whipped cream, sweetened
Ingredients base:
400 gr Chocuise compound coating dark
400 gr Cornflakes
Ingredients bavarian cream:
1.000 gr Water, cold
200 gr Damco custard powder top R
2.500 gr Frucaps cherry pie filling
3.750 gr Whipped cream, sweetened
Ingredients mirror glace
1.000 gr Frucaps cold mirror glaze neutral
100 gr Water
    Arlico bright red
    Arlico blue










Place Damco choux mix in a bowl and, while mixing with a flat whisk, add the egg in 3 parts, followed by the water (also in 3 parts). Mix it for 1 minute in the first gear and proceed in the third gear for another 4-6 minutes, untill a smooth dough is formed. Pipe 1,5 cm ø drops and bake. When cooled off, fill the choux with whipped cream.
Prepare custard by mixing cold water and Damco custard powder top R thoroughly. Puree Frucaps cherry pie filling until smooth and add to the custard. Fold in the whipped cream, in 2 parts (make sure the whipped cream isn’t too stiff). Fill a silicone mold, for up to 75%, with the Bavarian cherry cream and insert the filled choux. Place into freezer, until frozen.
Mix cornflakes with Chocuise compound coating dark and press into a 7 cm ø ring. Let it set in the refrigerator.
Once frozen, dip the domes into a mixture of Frucaps cold mirror glaze neutral (heated to 40°C), water, red food colouring and a drop of blue. Place onto the chocolate cornflakes base. Decorate with a swirl, made from Chocuise compound coating dark.

Baking time: 25-30 minutes. For a smooth choux, use steam in your oven for 5 seconds. After 10 minutes open steam slide valve.
Baking temp.: 220°C
Quantity: 150 pieces


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