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Brownie-orange flower

500 g Damco browniemix
225 g Water
55 g Butter, melted
75 g Hazelnut pieces 2/4 mm
225 g Confru candied orange peal

Instructions brownie:
Mix Damco browniemix with water and melted butter and mix for 4 minutes until it is smooth using a flat beater in the 2nd gear.
Add the Confru candied orange peal and hazelnut and mix it through the batter. Use a piping bag to pipe 40 grams of batter into greased rings of 7 cm Ø.

500 g Butter
150 g Damco Top R
375 g Water, cold
100 g Pomokrem

Instructions buttercream:
Mix the butter until smooth. Mix Damco Top R with the cold water and add it to the butter. Mix the cream smooth for an hour in the 1st gear. Lastly, add the pomokrem.

300 g Whipped cream
75 g Water, 40 °C
30 g Damco multibavaroise
125 g Frucaps caramel filling

Instructions caramelmousse:
Mix water with the Damco multibavaroise and wisk it through the Frucaps caramel filling. First add one half of the whipped cream and stir it through, and then add the other half. Fill up the flexipan molds with scoops of 18g, then place the molds in the freezer.  

Mirror glaze:    
200 g Frucaps mirror glaze
50 g Frucaps caramel filling
25 g Water

Instructions mirror glaze:
Mix all the ingredients and heat it up to 45 °C.

Souplesse pure
Hazelnut pieces 2/4 mm

Heat up the Souplesse pure to 45 °C and mix 10% hazelnutpieces 2/4 mm through the souplesse.  Dip the brownies in and pipe dots of buttercream on top of the brownies around the edge. Place a thick sheet of plastic on top of the dots and lightly press them down. Place them in the cooler for 1 hour.
After cooling, remove the plastic and fill up the empty space in the middle of the brownie with Frucaps caramel filling. Take the caramelmousse domes out of the molds and pour the mirror glaze over top. Place the domes on top of the buttercream dots and add finishing touches.

Baking temp.: ca. 180°C
Baking time: ca. 20 minutes
Quantity: 24 pieces


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