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Banana caramel tartlet

1.100 g Damco croûte powder
480 g Butter, room temperature
120 g Water
1.500 g Chocuise souplesse banana
600 g Whipped cream, unsweetened
300 g Confectioners glucose syrup
300 g Frucaps cold mirror glaze neutral
150 g Butter, soft
Frucaps caramel filling
Frucaps banana filling
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Instructions for the dough:
Mix the Damco croûte powder and butter with a dough hook. When it gets crumbly, add the water. Once the dough is formed, stop the machine and refrigerate the dough for 24 hours. After 24 hours,  knead the dough briskly, roll it out to 2.5mm and then cut out to the desired size. Cut out strips with a height of 2cm for the sides. Then let the dough chill again before using.
First, lay the strips along the side of the greased baking tins and place the cut-out slices on the bottom. Place a caisse with baking beans in the baking tin and bake. When the tartles have cooled down, coat them with Chocuise souplesse banana.

Instructions for the ganache:
Boil the whipped cream and confectioners glucose syrup and mix them with the melted Chocuise souplesse banana. Then mix in the Frucaps mirror glaze neutral and finally the soft butter.

At the bottom of the tartlets, apply a thin layer of Frucaps caramel filling and then a thin layer of Frucaps banana filling. Pour the banana ganache over them and decorate as desired.

Baking time: 20 min
Baking temp: 180°C
Quantity: 30 pieces


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