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Almond raspberry cubes

Ingredients almond bavaroise:
400 gr Cream (35% fat), unsweetened
400 gr Milk
135 gr Damco almond paste K+K superior
135 gr Damco almond ‘bitterkoek’
120 gr Sugar
60 gr Egg white
150 gr Damco mousse fond neutral
15 gr Arlico marasquin liquor
800 gr Cream (35% fat), unsweetened





Instructions for the almond bavaroise:
Bring the cream (35% fat), milk, Damco almond ‘bitterkoek’ and Damco almond paste K+K superior to a boil while stirring and allow to cool down to 37°C. Dissolve the sugar in water and boil to 122°C. Beat the egg whites, add the sugar syrup and mix until cold. Take 500 g of the almond cream, add Arlico marasquin liquor and stir in Damco mousse fond neutral
Stir this into the remainder of the almond cream and fold in the meringue. Finally, fold in the thick whipped cream.

Ingredients sponge cake:
1.000 gr Damco sponge cake mix extra fine
900 gr Whole egg
100 gr Water
25 gr Lemon raspel



Instructions for sponge cake:
Mix all ingredients in a machine using the whisk at the highest speed for 8 minutes until it is light and airy. Then mix for 2 minutes at the 1st speed. Spread a thin layer onto a baking tray and bake. 

Ingredients raspberry cream:
500 gr Whipped cream, thickly beaten
500 gr Frucaps raspberry filling



Instructions for the raspberry cream:
First add a small amount of the Frucaps raspberry filling to the cream and mix, being careful to maintain the structure of the cream. Once mixed, add the rest of the filling, using a spatula.

Instructions for the filling:
Spread the raspberry cream 1 cm thick on a 1 cm thick sponge cake and place another 1 cm sponge cake on top. Place this in the freezer and cut into 3 x 3 cm cubes. Use this as a filling.

Other ingredients:
Chocuise souplesse white


Putting it all together:
Fill two-thirds of a flexipan mold with the almond bavaroise and push the filling in. Smoothen and place in the freezer for 24 hours. Remove pastries from the mold  and spray Chocuise souplesse white, heated to 40°C and diluted with 20% vegetable oil, onto them. Finish to your own preference.

Baking time: 4-5 min
Baking temp.: 240°C
Quantity: 32 pieces


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